Friday, January 09, 2009

Nothing to report

My dazzling temporary freelance world of writing/video editing continues. It is very, very cold, the cat continues to sleep in the only comfortable office chair, and my supposedly 20-minute documentary that was nearly finished before Christmas is now 40+ minutes long, unfinished and unfinishable.

For another project I just need to take a photo of a corner, but every day I remember just after the light has gone.

I keep writing big to-do lists which won't solve anything, and then, in desperation to cross something off, add on "Finish Smarties", "Eat Cheese" and "Flush Toilet".

The only highlight today was the Zavvi sale where I discovered that... um... they don't really have that much left in stock, apart from Moonraker. Plus they wanted me to do maths in my head - and even when I was doing A/S Maths, I don't know what I'd have made of "10% off - plus an extra 20% off at the till!".

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