Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mild torrenting

A friend taught me how to use this bit-torrenting thing. Last time I tried was about 2002, for work, and it took about 14 hours to get a vital episode of telly. Which, in 2002, was longer than it took to persuade a blonde medical student to come round and play "Doctor", and therefore, No Bloody Good.

But now I feel like someone only just discovering texting or But, after staring into the void I decided I won't torrent anything that's available on DVD or CD. That's yer actual piracy. Also, it's less fun. What's the joy in downloading something you could buy in a shop in less time?

But how brilliant that I can now own Out Of The Unknown, Doomwatch, or that radio play seemingly everyone else has forgotten about?


MonsterMaker said...

On Out of the Unknown, have you watched 'The Machine Stops' yet? One of the absolute best. Also 'Come Buttercup, Come Daisy, Come...' is very spooky - and probably benefits from being in poor quality resolution as it looks just that little bit less creaky.

The colour ones lose it a bit - all too 'Tales of the Bleedin' Obvious', but I remember there's at least one very good one called 'The Last Lonely Man' starring George Cole and Peter Halliday in desperate circumstances.

Skip said...

The Machine Stops is the first one I've watched. I've always loved Forster, and am re-reading Passage To India - which, in many ways, tackles a lot of the same stuff. Only with elephants and tea parties rather than computers and electric worms.

I thought it was brilliantly made - especially for the time. Although occasionally the director appeared to be getting a bit excited with wacky effects.