Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Crude analogy

Reader Erskine-Davidson points out that my radio play made it into Pick of the Week. I am insanely excited by this.

I play the opening of the show to Lee. He looks at me. "Given how much you love Radio 4, this is your nirvana, yes?"

I nod. "It's like you starring in porn."
Lee smiles. "With Adam Baldwin."


Perry Neeham said...

Ah, now I see why you're so excited.

Erskine-Davidson said...

Glad to know i've spread a little sunshine into your life. Did you listen again on iPlayer? I didn't catch the whole programme, just the clip from your play.

It might be a crude analogy, but lovely Lee now comprehends why your panties are moist.

Please tell me there's lots of Janto in your TW novel coming out in October. I've just finished watching Children of Earth... nuff said.