Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Death of Zen

Goodbye then, trusty Creative Zen Media player. We've had some times. You've played a lot of terrible music and some great Radio Four. Remember when I showed a video on you to a BBC Future Media Exec and they said "oh, but don't you need a TV Licence for that, sweets?"

You've been smashed and you've still worked, you've diligently played every format, you've been held together with sellotape for the last year... but you've been a good friend.

Now alas, you're utterly shagged. And I don't know what to replace you with. Do I upgrade you to your credit-card sized replacement? Despite my sexuality, I just can't get an iPhone as it won't play most of the media formats I use and isn't available on my phone network.

Temporarily, I've got a £20 new generation portable Digital Radio. And it's proved what I've always feared... Digital Radio is fucked. It's like mobile broadband - it works perfectly if you're in Central London and stand very still.

Digital Radio's been around longer than most people have had the internet, but the idea that they still haven't produced something that can receive Radio 4 on a day with a "y" in it is laughable.

Here's a hilarious piece as a BBC's correspondent tries to test in-car digital radios. Utter Radio Fail:

Could Digital Radio Switchover cost Labour the next general election? The middle-class middlebrow heartland will take almost anything, but not the loss of the Archers in 2015.

[ PS: Dear BBC News. It's lovely that you offer "please embed this clip in your blog" on video clips, but why is it the fattest embed code ever, far wider than blog templates, and immediately stops working if you try and resize it? ]


Rob Stradling said...

I can't recommend the new Zen.

It looks and feels gorgeous, but it's an absolute pig to get videos onto. Even when specifically converted to the precisely correct parameters, 9/10 times they won't play unless you still grind them through the proprietary converter, which... is.... slow....... as.................

Skip said...

whut? but... why have they made it rubbish? why why why why? old zen just didn't care!

Rob Stradling said...

Well, YMMV and shit. But I'd definitely try before you buy.

Skip said...

Mind you they're now announcing the X-Fi2 which looks like an iPhone but doesn't make calls.


And why phone people when you can listen to Radio 4 by Pressing A Screen! zomgs.