Thursday, September 10, 2009

A year of cat

I've had a cat for a year. I've spent most of that year thinking that it's the fattest cat in the world, until my parents took her to the vet to try and sort out her tangled hair and brought her back shaved.

"Oh," says my mother down the phone, "She's tiny. You can see her ribs."

By all accounts, underneath all that fur the poor thing was one meal away from the RSPCA. So, having spent a year telling me it was hungry, the cat is now wandering around going "See? Told you so." It's also remarkably more affectionate, but I'm putting it down to the cat being cold.

The cat has enjoyed its month in the country, spending it proudly dragging in dead animals. Now it's back in the flat it contents itself with hiding cigarette lighters and looking disapproving. See? Still a boyfriend replacement.


Rob Stradling said...

Have you really not named your cat? I find this ineffably wise and cool.

I've seen it done twice before; once by Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's", and once by a house full of skanky students I once knew. So it's a whole social continuum of wisely cool ineffability into which you are now slotted. Rejoice.

Skip said...

Cat was notionally called "Florence" by animal sanctuary, but shows no interest in this name. Therefore there's no point in me doing so either.

Hugh said...

its looks mightly pissed off in the top photo. what did it get a No2 all over or something?

have you seem simons cat on youtube - its hysterical, and all about feeding

0tralala said...

Don't think the cat has a name - or even a gender - in Grosse Point Blank.

We kept the name the cat already had when we got him from Battersea. But until then I'd convinced the Dr we could call our cat "Stevens" - after both Yusef Islam and the Green Death.

"Kong" would also be a good name for our cat. And "Little Sod".

Skip said...

I had grand plans. Servalan if it was a girl, Suralan if it was a boy. Instead I have a cat that recognises two words: "biscuits" and "tuna".