Saturday, September 19, 2009

The nice side of hypocrisy

Earlier post: Blah blah blah won't read reviews blah blah.

This post: Accidentally find lovely review of new book on Den of Geek. Apparently I am "occasionally touching", which really does describe the last few weeks nicely. Hurrah. Stern principles out of window. Whee.

In other news: Lost Symbol was thunderingly good read (apart from wobble on page 430 when villain's plan is revealed) and my friend Darian took me out in Dalston. Travelling to a gay bar by bus feels just soooper cool. Especially when you're being told "No, not this stop. This is the dangerous stop. We wait till the stop past the Russian mafia bar."


Joseph Lidster said...

"Accidentally find"? :)

Skip said...

Yeah - I was doing my routine desperate scour of Den of Geek for one more page of exciting internets before I started work and there it was. Ta! and Da!

Erskine-Davidson said...

Sometimes google searches aren't enough, are they?

Can't wait to read it - i loved Almost Perfect - and i've been singing your praises wherever I can.

"I'm your Number One fan"

Lee said...

'Travelling to a gay bar by bus feels just soooper cool'

You can travel to The White Swan by bus. Now how do you feel?

Skip said...

You can also get to the White Swan by Docklands Light Rollercoaster. That is more fun.