Tuesday, August 05, 2003


This weekend I went to a big gay bbq.

Most of the men there were gay.
Except for a fab lady called EJ.

Most of them had slept with the host Daniel.
Except for me, EJ, and a man from Ireland who slouched in late, sat in a corner, and refused, frankly, to sleep with anyone there.
There is always one.

It was gay because...
1) Most of the preparations went into the salad.
2) The cooking of the meat involved fussing over marinade, and making sure people on the Atkins diet were adequately catered for.
3) Hot dogs out. Ciabatta in.
4) People drinking beer felt the need to apologise.
5) Everyone kept out of the sun ("Brad Pitt swears by the shade.")

Gay remark of the afternoon was won by EJ, who suddenly announced "My friend Pete once rimmed Limahl."

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