Monday, August 18, 2003

Saturday and Sunday

Lee and I discovered....

* Frock coats are lovely
* Lazer Quest is compelling
* Lee is best at laser quest if he's hidden in a high spot sniping at anything that comes near.
* My least favourite ex in the whole world still drinks in Oxford
* And has the stupidest lisp in the world.

Lee very kindly assured me that my evil ex Cary (real name actually Gary) is not at all attractive. This was splendid of him.

Did manage to escape to a small club where I met a charming man called Bradley. He's a buyer of Ladies Accessories for House of Fraser. So gay, then. Wonderful company.

We watched as a lipstick lesbian attempted to seduce his married friend Chrissie.

The train ride home on Sunday was only interesting for the man on platform 10 as Lee and I said goodbye. He was incredibly muscly, had really interesting hair, great arms, and was seeing off an elderly female relative.

I followed him out of the station, wondering whether or not to introduce myself. In the end, just couldn't.

I was walking out of the station, wearing yesterday's shirt, weighed down by a battered old Radio Time bag, wheeling my bike with a novelty cow bell.

He strode confidently past in his muscle-T, up to a vintage Harley, threw on a perfect denim jacket, and roared away.

And I know my place.

Lee's version of events is here....

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