Friday, July 09, 2004

24 Dreams

I'm adoring the third series of 24 on DVD. You can fast forward through the boring bits, the torture scenes, and the stuff with Mexicans.

I had a blissful evening curled up in bed watching it while drinking gin and irn bru (surprisingly nice). And I thought it was great - although you can tell the difference between Hardened Regulars and Guest Cast.

Hardened Regulars are now getting very cautious in their acting, playing their cards close to their chest as they know that any moment now it will be revealed that Their Entire Motivations Have Changed And They Were Evil/Good All Along. Gasp.

Guest Cast don't know that Everything Could Change At Any Moment, and so wear a look of alarmed surprise when it is revealed that All Is Not What It Seemed. The President's girlfriend, for instance spent the last episode wide eyed, and shaking her head in cautious quiet disbelief.

There are two exceptions....
1) Kim - she knows that things are going to go wrong and has taken to wearing a mop on her hair. Bet she's so hated the IT guys keep sticking pictures of cougars on her desktop.

2) Nina - who just looks pissy. Every year they give her more eyeshadow.

Watched so much last night and got so drunk that eventually I started watching it through flickering eyes, and finally drifted off into a 24 dream, where, in order to stop the virus being released, Jack had to race around LA organising a party with Nina.

The two of them were constantly fighting over which brand of sausage rolls to buy ("These are kosher!", "You killed my wife!"), while the President is trying to make jelly ("My mind is set"). Sensibly, no one let Kim do anything to help organise the party.

Briefly my eyes opened, to see Jack's young companion, still tied up and spitting teeth after being Tortured With A Spade. My last thought before I went to sleep was "Why isn't he wearing a party hat?"

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