Saturday, July 24, 2004

Saturday morning TV: The Facts

(so hungover and mean this morning I felt I had no choice)

  • Amazingly, there's a programme called Ministry of Madness.
  • It features a sketch show about a camp holiday camp calle Butthaven.
  • There was a magical act where the Not-Charlies In Busted nearly got crushed in wardrobes by a JCB.
  • Busted managed to be on both BBC 1 and ITV. At almost the same time.
  • Actually, Saturday Morning TV appears to be mostly about Busted.
  • Charlie from Busted (the Princess Di of pop) no longer talks. He just peeps from beneath his fringe, says "Yeah. Yuh-huh. Yah," a lot, and shrugs.
  • Busted really are singing the Thunderbirds song. This is wrong.
  • The presenter of The Saturday Show was in Glasgow's The Polo Lounge. He looked better in the flesh. Well, less like he'd rather be asleep.

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