Tuesday, July 06, 2004


Suddenly wondered whatever became of the insane Stockholm group behind "Crying at the Discotheque" and Alcazar, an album that it was impossible to jog to without giggling.

They're still alive! How lovely. And, since they last made their album, they got a fourth member (Duckface gay Magnus). Magnus and Andreas (Snippyface gay) got together.

Enter The Castle Of Disco (As this Stockholm band call their official site).

It's full of news stories about nothing written in slightly stilted prose, such as...

Is Magnus and Andreas a couple again? The ring on Magnus´ finger has re-started the rumours once again. But they denies it all and says: All that we have together now is our dogs.


Progressions in the album plans! The band has now decided what picture to use on the sleeve

There's a video of a new single "Menage A Trois" which has the chorus:
"Would you like to come to a Menage A Trois?
There's room for one more in our boudoir."

Joy of joys, there is a second album, called Alcazarised. I instantly broke my "no Play.com madness" vow. Despite half of the tracks being undoubtedly dreadful.

Extra joy:
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