Friday, July 16, 2004


Forgive me for talking about this group again,  but, frankly it's been a quiet week. No one's tried to piss over me for days.
I'm really liking the second album. On first listen it wasn't what I expected, and was frankly disappointing (only three songs are laugh out loud silly).  Then I got it.
The first album was a happy album about drinking, shagging and staying in really nice hotels. The second album appears to be about falling in love, drugs, heartbreak, bitterness, meaningless rebound sex, the desperation of loneliness, and really nice hotels. In short, it has a plot.
It really has a plot. Some tracks even include plot summaries ("Previously on Alcazar..." and "In this week's episode..."). Not wishing to read meaning into something as shallow as a birdbath but it appears to be about how sexy gay Andreas met snippy gay Magnus, invited him into the band, at which point they broke up, went on tour together, and went A Little Bit Mad.
Anyway, look it includes the lyric:
"You broke my heart,
And I go shopping."

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