Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Business Meating

Well now. There I was, off to a Terribly Important Marketing Meeting. One I'd been dreading for days.

One of the heads of picture publicity would be there. A man who's suddenly so eye-catching that last time I met him I spent the meeting mumbling and giggling. And tossing my hair. Even though it was shaved.

But I'd completely forgotten that he'd be there. Or what he looked like.

On my way past the meeting room, I noticed a devastatingly handsome man, and couldn't help cruising him in a "oh my word! The Face! The Hair! Those Eyes! Those Arms! The packet! Ooh! The flat stomach, ooh the face..." way. It wasn't subtle.

"Oh! Hello!" said the nice man from picture publicity.

I was mortified. Spent the next two hours staring at the faux-wood-grain pattern on the meeting room table.

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