Thursday, February 17, 2005

Seafood Sticks

Aren't they gorgeous? Remember when they were called Crab Sticks? Then Fish Sticks? And now, finally Seafood Sticks.

I'm addicted to them, but noticed that Tesco's claim theirs are made from "Surimi". Surimi? I thought. How nice - an exotic fish. I wonder what one looks like?

Chewing happily away on one, I googled "Surimi". And gagged.

Here's a brief description (sic):

Surimi in brief is a fish minced meat that has been leached by washing with water then mixed with sugar and other additives then frozen. It's widely used in Japan for the manufacturer of Fish jelly products...

The Surimi blocks is a by product for food processor company, in which the Surimi blocks will be process and shaped to look like imitates products such as the well known imitation crab meat, fish ball and so on. Either, you know what is Surimi.

Thanks Surimi AllInformationCentre. It was the word "leaching" that did it.

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