Friday, February 04, 2005

Wales Today, Tomorrow the World

Hilariously, there was a local news piece on Wales Today about the new series of Doctor Who.

There was much excited fanboy specualtion about what it might contain. They've obviously never watched local news. They were expecting glossy revelations, exciting costumes, new series clips, and Russell T Davies speaking from the new TARDIS set. Instead...

"wobbly sets... long scarves... disused quarries.... laughable monsters...."

... cut to large fan getting Far Too Excited About New Toys (against background of Franklin Mint Who plates)

... cut to Alpha Centauri Clip.

... cut to nervous man from Art Department surrounded by rubber.

... cut to Monoids.

... cut to Russell outdoors, looking cold, "Fabulous! Marvellous! Wales!"

... cut to rubbish looking toys.

... and now the weather.

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