Friday, February 25, 2005

London on £30 a day

Hmmph. It seemed easy to get by in London on £30 a day. After all - most days I spend a mere tenner at most. After less than a week of the experiment, I've spent £350.

I am gutted. That's just wrong. Part of it is the factor that is the NotBoyfriend. Even though he's working about seventy hours a week and been promoted four times... he's still not been paid (bastards), so is still borrowing money (fine), but is also still so poor he can't buy a round. Or a pack of fags. Or a travel card.

The NB's lack of money does put my worries into perspective (How do you survive in London with literally No Cash?), but he has blown my budget a bit. A cheap evening out is suddenly twice as pricy, and even a quiet evening in is suddenly complicated.

None of this is his fault, but I appear to be using it as an excuse to hide my normal crapness with money. Which isn't healthy.

Luckily the weekend is looming, which gives me a chance of spending lots of time at home. Not moving. Not spending anything.

After several weeks of patient DIY, I have now finished my wine rack. But it's rather large. And I now can't afford any wine for it. So it's cluttered with mostly empty bottles of Costcutter Vodka. Class.

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