Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bombay After Dark

"How nice," I thought, "It's 2am in Bombay and the roads seem quiet. I'll go for a little stroll."

The road seemed lovely and empty and calm. And then... It was like one of those magic eye pictures. But a magic eye picture that's watching you.

I was aware that all around me, I was being watched. By the road. From the long shadows under cars... And by the pavement, with it's little individual cobbles. Each cobble was staring at me. And then I realised what they all were.

Vermin highway.


frobisher said...

Bombay? have I missed something? what are you doing in Bombay?

hugh said...

i've really lost the storyline now
4 posts in one day but for different days!
wed - your depressed
fri - you're shagging some str8 bloke
mon/tue - your in Bombay

have they upped your dose, or maybe they should be considering it :)

Anonymous said...

It's from Rupert Everett's autobiography!

Ann said...

I saw a rat chase a cat away in Bombay. It was bigger than the cat.

Just reminded of it.

Go to the revolving restaurant at the Ambassador hotel, it's kitsch fabulousness on a stick.