Monday, November 13, 2006

The Kidnapped Child and the Starving Politician

While we were in India two stories grabbed some headlines. The first was about the child of an IT executive who was kidnapped. After three frantic days, the child came home in a rickshaw.

The police gave a jubilant press conference about how the child’s return was part of a triumphantly elaborate rescue operation.

However, when the child was interviewed he said that his kidnappers had got worried for him, hailed a rickshaw and sent him home.

Angrily, the police responded by arresting the rickshaw driver.

Meanwhile, in another province, an 82 year old statesmen went on hunger strike to protest the conditions in his region. He became so ill that the police arrested him and took him to the nearest public hospital. So horrified were they at the conditions there, they promptly took him to a private hospital. The starving statesman gave an interview that was, effectively, “See?”

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