Saturday, November 11, 2006

Diet Coke

India is a land almost bereft of Diet Coke. “People,” Rick said crossly, “Are starving. There isn’t really much call for reduced calorie soft drinks.”

“Coke tastes horrible.” I muttered, chastened.

The Indian approach to soft drinks is that they’re all very well, but a little bit more sugar would make them even better. They do a version of Orangeade that’s pungently sickly – although a dash mixed with “XXL Rum” and a pint of soda water makes a reasonable cocktail.

The Indian approach to hard drinks is curious. They have booze shops that look rather like betting shops – a long, furtive queue and frantic shouting at the counter. Customers slink away, neatly concealing three or four bottles of rum in their dhoti.

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