Friday, November 16, 2007


Man arrested for having sex with his bicycle.


C said...

Yeah but you can't blame the guy - did you see the size of those saddlebags.....

Perry Neeham said...

It's amazing that more don't fall under the spell of lycra.

Skip said...

I just find it bizarre. For one thing he clearly carried his bike up the stairs to his room, like a bride to the honeymoon suite.

Then, I guess, he put down some special stabilisers to hold the thing in place before leaping on.

I'm sure there's an argument that he was achieving stimulation from frotage with the spinning wheel, but I'm betting he was humping the saddle (which is weirdly uncomfortable... surely).

The whole thing's bizarre. And gives cyclists a bad name. First we get into trouble for going through red lights... now it seems there's no stopping us.