Friday, November 16, 2007

Google Ex

I was watching the play of All About My Mother, and suddenly thought "I too have slept with an Esteban."

I even remembered his full name - the marvellously improbable Esteban Mihuel C Hubner. My main memory of him was his charm, and that he taught me that it was possible, if not easy, to kiss whilst pedalling up the Woodstock Road.

[I'm looking back at the sentence I've just typed and thinking 'Should I bother clarifying that?']

Anyway, since I can remember his name, perhaps I can find out what happened to him? And bless you Google, I can. He's married to an Argentinian gay footballer. Result! Isn't the internet marvellous?

(PS: I've even found a clip of him on YouTube. I was going to post a grab of him, but he's wearing a really nasty paisley shirt)

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