Friday, November 23, 2007

Russell Howard topless again

Quietly cheering.


Orchis said...

What a relief to discover I'm not the only Russell ogler.

Skip said...

He is cheeringly studly. But he has the look of one of those straight men who would be very good at the gay sex, but then cry afterwards.

Qenny said...

Oh. He's surprisingly tasty under the clothes. Yum.

Skip said...

I was equally surprised! They were talking about the pic and his gay following on the show yesterday, and I thought "nah. under that t-shirt, he's going to be all doughy straight boy". How wrong was I? He's like a fighting ferret.

FireFawkes said...


Either that or the boy's been working out. Now for the rest of that photo to appear on the interwebs...

Skip said...

He claims it's real. Apparently carefully lit with an anglepoise lamp to make the lumpy bits stand out better.

Is it wrongs to want
a) Russell Howard
b) An Anglepoise lamp?

bleedingheart-mrspoynter said...

how sexy is he.
are these the only two pictures of him topless,
he needs one naked !!
completely naked,
it looks real no way photoshopped

JessyCrackers said...

HOT, im sorry but pure sexyness, me and my friend love him!!
30 this year in his prime!!