Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Whole Tooth

My wisdom teeth never finished coming through. My last two got so far and then stopped.

However, every time I have a cold, they start moving again. It's clearly some weird sinusy side effect, and it's vile. Colds I can cope with - they're an excuse to replace the gym with a book and some whisky. But the aftermath is horrible.

It's basically a week of my wisdom teeth girding up their loins and making a doomed final push through the gum. The gum doesn't particularly want to know ("Didn't we do this last year?"), so promptly gets all inflamed and huffy, which drives me mad.

I've about four days before
1) lefty realises that he's actually double-parked.
2) righty remembers he's growing sideways into my cheek and gives up again

... and then that'll be it until my summer cold.

In the meantime, that's four more days of whisky, bonjella and jabbing valiantly at infected gum-tissue with a cocktail stick.

No, I'm not going out much at the moment.


Qenny said...

Waves of sympathy coming your way.

And also a big wodge of gratitude, because that happens to me, too, but I hadn't made the connection with having the cold, but that is when they up and at it.

If only I weren't too chickenshit to get them whipped out.

Skip said...

I'm so glad it's not just me. This time it's so bad, I'm tempted to see a dentist.

Oh yes. It's that bad.