Thursday, August 26, 2004

Drinks with Andy

Managed to remain sober whilst drinking with Andy last night. Is big achievement.

I didn't stay completely teetotal, but I figure a whisky at the end of the evening with Andy doesn't count. He could make Gwyneth Paltrow let her hair down.

Andy's skill lies in his constant dissappointment that your not drinking, together with his earnest entreaties that you should be, followed by worried solicitations after your enjoyment of the evening. As in:

"Are you really not drinking? That's a terrible shame, terrible shame. Oh come on - surely one drink would do you good, settle your stomach. Are you having a good time? It's just I'm having a marvellous time, but I'm drunk, and I'm worried that you're not..."

Evening went very well. In that we didn't, as per usual, end up staggering round the gutters of Covent Garden, singing vaguely and stifling giggles.

Andy did get strangely reflective towards the evening. "You really should get a bloke. It would be funny. I mean, it would be nice for you. I really like my boyfriend (though I'm sure he'd hate you)... I mean, you know... it's nice having someone. Can't your friends find you someone nice to settle down with? Aw. That'd be lovely."

It was at this point I bought myself a whisky.

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