Monday, August 30, 2004

Saturday night/Sunday morning.

It seemed like a good idea. Go East for the night. Sadly, all was not well with The White Swan. Drinks were cheap, the men looked cheaper, but the DJ appeared to have come from a wedding.

Hell hath no fury like the tutting of a gay club when the DJ plays on "I Will Survive".

Did spend some of the evening trying to chat up a man called Andrew. But he seemed Awfully Posh, and had about him the kind of Bright Indifference of a war widow putting on a Stiff Upper Lip. "Oh? Are you going? Oh, I daresay I shall cope. Chin chin!"

I consoled myself by deciding that his nose was pointy. Very pointy.

We left at three. Lee grabbed a taxi, and waved me off to the next door sauna. His argument was a) It's cheaper than the taxi home and b) Soon I'll be too old for it.

In theory, seeing in dawn in a sauna is a great idea. In practice, four hours is A Very Long Time when you're tired. You've got to find someway to fill in the time... I had sex with three men. That filled in an hour.

Most of the rest of it I spent napping on their roof garden. Which was odd. Especially as it was cold, and people kept wandering out to point at the sky, saying "See that next to the moon? It's very bright, and it's not moving. It's got to be a spacecraft."

Staggered downstairs at five thirty. Got distracted by a blond man walking up the stairs. "Hello you!" he announced, cheerily. "Fancy a shag?"

Actually, I really wanted coffee. But...

"Only," he continued, "Would you mind not buggering me? It's been a long night, and I'm so tired of being shagged."

In which case.... we had coffee.

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