Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Radio 5 Live

On an afternoon show, talking about Cult TV on DVD - along with some lovely people, and a woman from the British Video Association called Lavinia who looked as though she'd rather be shopping for ponies.

Afternoon radio is a strange beast. The people who call in are all a little touched by the Cliche Angel. One man announced "I don't use a computer me. Can't even switch the thing on." He wanted to know when Goodnight Sweetheart would be released on DVD. Sigh.

The format is equally strained - ten minutes of chat, then some travel, then a ten minute sport slot (in this case golf). The woman from the BVA yawned during the golf slot, took her headphones off, and started to say "What's this boring..." before realising her mike was still live.

There's always someone in from a company who makes stuff. They always answer with Advertising. In this case: "So, Claire, what's the best Cult TV show?", "Well, Brian, I'd have to say that our Unversal Playback Catalogue, starting with Airworlf and Magnum this month and..."

What's irritating about the whole thing is the slight espirit d'escalier - the nagging knowledge that you've just said something mundane when you could have been snappy and witty. Damn.

Anyway, an hour of fun. And then Lavinia went off to do some shopping in Chelsa.

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