Saturday, January 14, 2006


Briefly back to London for a leaving party in Islington's The Green, an otherwise pleasant gay cocktail bar rammed full of Smug Rich Gays Who Wished They Went Out More.

It was a nightmare - fighting to the bar through a sea of cashmere sweaters and then standing for 10 minutes while the staff ignored you, got the drinks wrong, or huddled giggling in a corner over an English-Latvuanian phrase book.

I spent so much time queuing at the bar a weird form of Stockholm Syndrome set in, and I started to find even the ugly barman attractive.

But the people there were great - and all looked fabulous, thanks to the extraordinarily dim lighting.


SL&V said...

Oh, I love The Green... its always a very relaxed and fun place to have a wee drink or two before going out.
You just seem to have terrible luck at such places.

Skip said...

Face it - I Just Don't Like People.