Friday, January 06, 2006

Mutton and Lamb

So, suddenly, I'm dating a student nurse. An 18 year old student nurse.

*buries head in hands*

Look, nurse is older than his years - I've done many things, but I've never done anything as brave as clearing up after incontinent mental patients. Plus he's fantastic company. When he's not quoting Little Britian.

But, um, anyway, I'm moving away to Cardiff this weekend, so hurrah. No danger of developing any emotions for the dear man. Phew!

PS: *sniff*


Anonymous said...

hmm i see a recurring theme here....... dating fiscally challenged youffs

Skip said...

*narrows eyes*

Adam was 28. As I've said before, mutton dressed as chicken. Not my fault he was rubbish with money.

Dear Ian actually has more cash in his bank accounts than I do. See - when I said he was mature, I meant it.

Anonymous said...

**lowers head in shame**

i sit corrected
he'll be in a very small minority of nursing students who have cash..... everyone i have worked with has been in debt

i promise never to comment again

Skip said...

No do comment - but please be aware, I'm terribly sensitive about the whole age difference thing.

It's dreadful realising that I may have turned into one of those predatory old men.

Anonymous said...

oh shit...... predatory old man......AT 30..
jeez, what is the scene coming to if 30 is considered old.

No Mr Skip, when your 50 - 60 yr old and are after 18yrs, then you can class your self as a predatory old man, till then
* clasps hands and puts head at 45 degree angle*
its ok