Monday, January 23, 2006

Dizzy old gay

Tonight I tried to microwave my supper. In the fridge.

I even pushed non-existent buttons on the front of the fridge.

And then, when that didn't work, pushed the buttons on the microwave and set it merrily microwaving away... but empty. With my supper... still in the fridge.


Fuckkit said...

Ahh, valium eh? ;)

waltergibson4704 said...

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buggery bollocks said...

so walter finds it inquisitive eh, i think its hysterical.

have you had any leave recently, cos i think it might be time to use it.

Skip said...

Dear Lovely Walter

I read your form letter and found it inquistive too.

Comments are always lovely, though.

However, your blog doesn't appear to exist, and is about Penny Share Dealing (known in our household as "why my mum took that second cleaning job").

But perhaps it's about bum filth and naughty touching. I can but hope.

Anonymous said...

One morning I awoke to find a carton of orange juice in the middle of the coffee table. I couldn't imagine why I'd left it there.

It wasn't until some hours later that I discovered the ashtray in the fridge.