Monday, January 16, 2006

Invasion on Channel Four

Reasons for watching it:

Reasons for not watching it:

  1. It's about a Beautiful Park Ranger vs. evil alien dolphins.
  2. The dolphins invade very slowly.
  3. They're Shape-changing dolphins.
  4. Main alien dolphin is called "Sheriff Underlay".
  5. It's trying to be all mysterious, like Lost. But we kind of know what's going on. So it's like a date where the bloke's already agreed to a shag, and then plays coy. What's the point? Call a cock a cock, and an evil alien dolphin an evil alien dolphin.
  6. Like Lost, it has a Wise Lazy Fat Man. Who is dictating the Story So Far into a dictaphone which somehow turns itself into a blog. Uh?
  7. We are supposed to believe that Beautiful Dolphin-Thwarting Park Ranger is divorced from his wife so she could be with Sheriff Underlay, who has now turned her into a dolphin. I don't know what is less likely - that she'd leave a man who looked like BPR, or that she's now a dolphin.
  8. It's not a show that's easy to talk about. Whereas Lost is "that cool island show", or House is "the grumpy doctor show", and 24 is "that camp cop show that doesn't realise it's camp"... Invasion is, uh, "the slow show about naughty dolphins". Bah.


frobisher said...

It is rather slow isn't it? sort of programme you can make a cup of tea or chat on the phone and you never seem to miss anything. I almost fell off the sofa when the Park Ranger whipped his shirt off.

Skip said...

When it took 20 minutes for a hurricane to arrive in the pilot, you knew you were in trouble.

Three episodes in and the prettier members of the cast are bathing and showering a lot. Obvious desperation.