Monday, February 06, 2006

"Calm down dear, it's only a religion!"

If ever a religion was in need of really good PR, it's Islam right now.

We get that under the tenets of your culture you cannot depict the prophet. And you definitely shouldn't mock him. Fine.

But all those street protests about the cartoons, reacting like extras in a Monty Python movie... um... The Life of Brian, ironically.

Mind you, that's just how Christianity's grown-up recently. The most embarrassing thing we had to put up with in the CofE was someone with a mullet speaking in tongues.

Whereas now we get people protesting as fancy dress suicide bombers. Yeah. Great way not to seem to be over-reacting tastelessly.

(Oh, and the cartoon? It's an anti-semitic cartoon from the official Palestinian Authority newspaper, last May. The least offensive I could find. more...)


Hugh said...

cake, eat, have and can't are the worlds that immediately spring to mind

oh, so thats what you look like, the previous pictures didn't really elude to much

Skip said...

I know what you mean. why did i post this? I dunno... i'm really cross. and confused. bah.

Hugh said...

i meant words, but worlds seems to fit very well, in the context