Monday, February 06, 2006

Why I'll be spending less time on Gaydar

While a friend logs on to Cardiff gaydar and is immediately on a date with an Italian model, I just received the following message:

"Hello Mate,
I saw your profile and it was suit me and lovely.... I wish to meet you honey.
Am a business man from Spain . i want to come to U.K for a pleasure by next week.
And i will like you to meet me in my Hotel for 1 on 1 sex OR if you can serve me as an Escort in my Hotel in U.K.
Kindly let me know your charges per Hour.
Love youxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Cheersxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"



Hugh said...

hmmm, do you think he used bablefish or google translate!

whats his username - so that i can block him :)

Skip said...

i can't remember - something like "ahotmusclebabe". whatever - he looks like the bloke with the killer bowler hat from the Bond films.

Even more surprisingly, in his home country, he is a paid escort.

Think on that.

Joe said...

yeah i've just about had it with gaydar, never been propostioned like that before though!