Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tomorrow's tasks

It's Wednesday, traditionally the worst day of the week. I shall instead enjoy Wednesday. Here's how

  1. Not moan about my job. At all. All day.
  2. Go to my luxury gym.
  3. Buy more diet Cherry Coke.
  4. Go see Sandra at the Golden Cross. Those old jokes are like old friends.
  5. Amend my gaydar profile to say "Please don't get in touch if your profile picture is of Gavin Henson with a caption underneath saying 'This is what i like'." Unless you are Gavin Henson. In which case, welcome to the gun show.
  6. Buy that Kaiser Chiefs album.
  7. Build a Lego house for my Lego firemen to conduct manly rescues in.
  8. Scrap 7. The only other Lego figure I have is Ron Weasely. It's bad enough that I have two roguishly handsome Lego firemen. But I'm not having them engage in hi-jinks with Ron. Even if he does have a wand.

1 comment:

James said...

Purely out of academic interest, what is your gaydar profile?