Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Commander In Chief

Sometimes, you forget how good The West Wing is and need reminding. Thank heavens, then for Commander in Chief, the Asda knock-off of the West Wing.

Whereas The West Wing's take was "Don't you wish real politicians were as wise and witty?", Commander In Chief's is "But look! The President's a girrrrl!"

Sadly, this doesn't feature Reese Witherspoon or Nicole Richie as the First Lady, but instead Geena Davies. She's perky and mumsy and actually rather good in the role. She's a bit feisty.

When having a row with evil senator Donald Sutherland, she snips that he's worried about "that whole once-a-month, will-she-or-won't-she press the button thing."

And, when the dying president demands to know why she's redeployed the entire Navy while he was in a coma she sighs, "I was bored. I'd read all the magazines."

So, we like her, and we adore that her husband gets stuck with the title First Lady (on his office, "It's a bit, er, pink, isn't it?").

But the show is still bobbins of the first water. Whereas the West Wing spins itself out in unimaginable complexity and cleverness, Commander In Chief is more straightforward. And, as the title implies, it loves its guns.

Then there's the vile First Family, composed of hunky teen track star and Little Miss Sulky. They're going to get very tiresome. Unless the teen track star plays all his scenes topless, and Little Miss Sulky plays all hers strapped in a burka.

But with The West Wing over, it'll have to do.


James said...

It sounds a bit bland, but it coulod be worse - at least it's not the new Robin Hood!

Gert said...

I watched most of the first season on ABC, and thought it was sufficiently alright to try and catch the ones I missed on More4.

The teenagers are far far preferable to the horriblelittle brat who has that whingy high-pitched too-cute thing absolutely required of all American TV brats and bearing no resemblance to actual real-life children of that age.

It's no West Wing, for sure, but I agree with James, at least it's not Robin Hood.

And Donald Sutherland gives his money's worth