Thursday, October 12, 2006

How I got my mojo back

"I should let you know I'm very shy," said the lawyer as he threw me onto the bed.


I've always believed that if someone you take a fancy to leaves a bar on their own, you should follow them and say hello. On the few occasions that i've put it into practice, it's worked out very well.

Last night was a lawyer who seems to own most of Derby. He's coming back next week to address a tax conference. I've been ordered to turn up at his hotel and wait. There's a four poster bed invovled. How exciting! I'm being treated like a cheap Latvuanian prostitute.


Lippy said...

Ooh, I wonder if he's speaking at the same conference as'll spice things up a bit trying to work that one out!

Sorry about the "wait in the hotel room" thing - we have a bit of a tendency to do that...

Skip said...

goodness! how fabulous of lawyers! :)

Lippy said...

At least your lawyer has style!

I left my "bit of rough" languishing naked in a room in the Ibis on commercial street while I was at some boring lawyer party...shameful behaviour.