Monday, October 16, 2006

Quite the best West Wing review ever..

It's bloody hard to know what to say about West Wing series 7. It's got the wrong wedding, a star drops dead during filming, and it's no longer really about The West Wing - and yet it's still amazing.

It's still really hard to pin down - especially with The Presidential Debate episode in which the Alan Alda and Jimmy Smits debated in character live on TV. Wow. And yet, yawn. I don't think I'll ever know, so instead I'll hand you over to the staggering review from summary site TV Without Pity:

"The Debate - At the debate, Vinick and Santos throw out all the rules. We decide to follow their example, and recap a completely different show. It was just boring. To remedy that, I will be mixing this recap of The West Wing with a recap of the third episode of Mile High, the sexy British series about a group of sexy flight attendants who work for a sexy airline. It has none of the good qualities of The West Wing -- the acting and writing are atrocious, and the show is as meaningful as a bite of cotton candy. But at least its producers haven't forgotten that their main job is to entertain us. Plus, it's sexy.... [ More ]"

Read the whole thing. It's hilarious.

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