Friday, October 06, 2006

Miss Marple Afternoon

"Find me the Joan Hickson Miss Marple theme," went the email. And so, to the Internet I went.

Immediately I found the marvellous Margaret Rutherford theme arranged for:

But for poor Joan Hickson, whose theme my friend Claire and I would merrily ballet around parties to (even when it wasn't playing)... no sign.

Apart from an Hilarious Midi version

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James said...

I've been listening to the June Whitfield Miss Marples on BBC7 recently, and they're very good stuff - so much better than a lot of the Geraldine McEwan episodes.

I'm particularly taken by Nemesis, which has an intrguing story - and Miss Marple is very central to events, which sdaly isn't true for a lot of her stories. I can already see where ITV are going to add the lesbian incest when they get round to adapting it, though :(