Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Most worrying URL....?


"As a single working mom with two kids and a divorce from hell behind me, I do understand how difficult life can be. So please don't be shy to call me and tell me your story."


Anonymous said...

the one redeeming factor about it being internet based, is that half the trailer trash can't read or don't have access to a computer - well not unless its nicked anyway

Ann said...

My favourite thing about these magazines is the way they indicate the passing of time.

"I was out on the town with my friend Tracey. We'd both dressed up and looked good, and it wasn't long before I caught the eye of a good-looking hunk at the bar.

'Can I buy you a drink", he asked. Smiling, I agreed.

Time passed, and we soon had three lovely children. That was when he started beating me with rusted razorwire if the tea wasn't on time..." (continues ad infinitum, through another half-dozen abusive partners, child-death and cancer, usually).

Their sub-editors must be right stony-hearted bastards.