Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cupcake's Road To Frugality

Click the "next blog" link and you get Cupcake's Road to Frugality. A god-fearing USA mom's tales of economy drives, coupons, and laminate furniture purchases. Hey neighbour!


Ian said...

Actually that "Next Blog" link is random.

When I clicked I got a Google warning that some reports indicated the next blog had received complaints that it contained objectionable material and did I really want to continue. I foolishly said "Yes" and got "EPL" all about "Erotic perfection" with a whole bunch of NSFW big-busted ladies.

Somehow it seemed a far more appropriate neighbour for you ;-)

Skip said...

Whut? It shouldn't be random because then There Is No Order To Things. And that is Wrong.