Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A little respect

Went for drinks with a friend who was setting up a recruitment consultancy. After a few days he found it hard going, and so he's turned it into an escort agency. Already it's a roaring success. And he's managed to keep some of the same people on his books.


Hugh said...

has he recruited you :p

Lippy said...

That is so unlikely it has to be true!!

Orchis said...

I'd like to have heard that conversation -

Recruiter: You were looking for a job in HR.

Recruitee: Yes

Recruiter: Have you considered a little light whoring instead ?

Skip said...

hugh: He has offered me "managers discount". The conversation went "Look, i've got skinny whores, fat whores, hairy whores, bald whores, leather whores, twinky whores and muscle whores, old whores and young whores. But mostly just people trying to pay off their student loans quickly and Polish guys. £50 in. That's not much is it?"

orchis: I believe the conversation went - "Hey, I can offer you a job in sales. Or, if you want to do something less demeaning..."