Sunday, October 14, 2007

Very Small Things

Slept with a nanotechnologist yesterday. He was very beautiful. Nothing amusing or disastrous happened. He told me two things. Firstly, that he liked me. Second, that he was moving to Bath.

I'm still at "Nanites were only in Star Trek when I was a kid. Now stunning Greek men can be professors in them. Cool."

Yesterday I also
  1. Went to Kilburn. It has one kebab shop for every ten straight men screaming at the rugby.
  2. Ate a Boots Prawn Mayo sandwich. It had anti-taste.
  3. Saw Transformers at the IMAX. Cried again ("Bumblebeeeeeeeeeee!" *sniff*). Oddly, nearly fell asleep, slightly hypnotised by the final fight on a really big screen. Fans of the film (and hey, who's not?) will be delighted to learn it's a different cut with lots of cool extra bits.
  4. Drank half a bottle of vodka. Which was supposed to be one last little drink when I got in. Hmmn. No hangover, but a vague feeling of self-loathing.


Lippy said...

Booze is evil - it took only 48 hours in London for me to transform from clean living country type to complete booze hound. I'd had so many "Hairs of the Dog" that the poor bloody dog was bald. And it's made me fat - so back to long walks and lots of time in the gym!

Skip said...

Ah - you've cleverly suggested that it's not my problem, but London's. Excellent.

Perry Neeham said...

No jokes about nanotechnology and, er, size? Come on, if he was hung like an Argos biro we should be told.

Skip said...

Lawks, no. He was Greek. Their statuary underestimates cruelly.

Brian Sibley said...

Statues... well, except that one of a rampant faun who was clearly the porn star of his day and whose equipment is in direct proportion to the extent to which eyes are apt to water...