Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Filling a vacancy

So, I go to a job interview. It's next door to a gay sauna.


I phone the recruitment consultant afterwards. "Oooh, is that a bar you're in?" she trills. "It sounds nice."

Yes and no. I immediately get seduced by two beautiful Italian tourists with wonderful bodies but bad breath. One of them is called Mattel. Afterwards, he fetches the guidebook, and we sit, flicking through it.

They melt away, and I'm left feeling oddly listless. I catch myself wondering what I'd do if I got the job. Aside from the whole "can I still do a job?" thing, there's also the closeness to the sauna. Would it be like putting on weight when you work next to a nice cafe? Would I end up in here every night? Or at lunchtimes? Odd.

I met a Polish guy called Tom. He believed in everything but kissing on the lips. I always find that strange. I went home, still thoughtful.


Qenny said...

Non-kissers should be branded in some way so that one can avoid wasting time on them.

Job next to a sauna. That could be nice. Your day could be 9-5 followed by 6-9.

Perry Neeham said...

Good to see you're focussing in on the key criteria for your next job.

Re the eyties, 69ing or doggie style lets you enjoy a traditional mediterranean experience without wrinkling your nose (unless you want to).