Thursday, March 15, 2007

Goodbye to all that

The wonderful Joe and Ann took me on a farewell tour of Cardiff's clubbing scene. Wednesday night is student night. £10 gets you into completely dreadful Club X, drinks are free, and your every move is watched by bouncers for signs of excessive tipsyness.

It was crowded, vile, but oddly lovely. I was very drunk, and a topless man kept wandering past and snogging me. This seemed V.Good until I noticed he was also snogging a fat man and a man with a wig.

I'm still baffled by The Music Of Today. Why is the R&B still played in gay clubs? We're not straight men clutching our bottles of beer and insecurities. We can dance. You can't dance to R&B, just nod.

Anyway, rant over. I offered a pretty man a light and asked him back for obscenity. Turns out he was a Scuba Diving Instructor. I was delighted.

Sadly, poor Joe was staying over in the spare room. When he got back, he realised he needed a lighter. Faced with the choice of knocking on my door or lighting a cigarette off of an electic hob, he went for the latter. "It was horrid, but I was drunk. I didn't want to learn new things."


Anonymous said...

As a straight man, I always bring my insecutie out clubbing. My insecutie being a delightful bumble bee called George. Who likes to be smoothed.


James said...

A text conversation between me and Joe:

Me: By the way, are you the Joe who took James Goss out on the town the other night?
Him: Yes! How did you know?!
Me: I read his blog. As soon as a Joe who was drunk was mentioned, I wondered if it was you.