Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Whoops, conspiracy

I've not had that much time for 9/11 conspiracies. Although, since watching The Lone Gunmen the other week, it's been on my mind.

And then the following footage turns up on YouTube:

It apparently shows a BBC World reporter saying that the Salomon Brothers building has collapsed. Only she's reporting this 20 minutes before it happens - and the building is prominently in shot (just to the right of her head). Well, that's unfortunate, but who can say what it means?

Naturally, there's a churning conspiracy about it. And a BBC World response to it that just feeds the flames ("er, can't see it ourselves as we've lost the original tapes. Honestly a cock-up").

The video in question spent a while at the top of the YouTube charts. By an unfortunate coincidence, it got displaced when a major broadcaster launched their YouTube Channel. The name of the broadcaster? The BBC. The backlash of comments sprayed over a set of reasonably harmless EastEnders video diaries? Lethal.

But, this being the internet, that was yesterday's YouTube horror. Today's is a charming video war between the Greeks and the Turks as to who is gayer: Kemal GayTurk. Sigh.

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