Wednesday, March 21, 2007

More on the lego thing

Let's start with the lego thing. We'll get on to the sex in a minute. The idea with the Lego was that it would help me give up smoking. Instead, I've filled my Cardiff flat with it, and my London flat is now filling up with the £300's worth I've bought on ebay this week.

My flatmate is taking careful delivery of train tracks, airports, space ships, hospitals, castles and a monorail. Meanwhile, I'm shipping back tanks, diggers, fire engines, an Egyptian tomb and a jade pagoda.

But why? Two theories: Firstly, I'm at the age where I should be buying this for my kid. Secondly, my real world's gone to shit, so I'm building another one that I can control completely.

Either way, my weekend is pretty much based on filling my living room in Kings Cross with Lego. Lee and his boyfriend are coming over to help out. We're going to get very drunk, crash lego trains and send video messages to Richard Branson.

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