Thursday, March 08, 2007

Miss Communication

So, I try to sort things out with the Slave after I find him a bit... full on. He sent me a text asking for another chance. Well, the exact phrase was "I don't have to wear the hood."

So, I called him while pottering around the flat, tidying.

Me: "Hey!"

Him: "Hi."

Me: "Look, I just thought I'd say... well, what's wrong with normal sex? You know - just sex sex. Can we have that sometime, and go from there?"

Him: "Yeah. I guess."

Me: "I mean, I'll try and be a bit brutal. If that'd be-"

Him: "Sure. Great. I'll do lots of poppers while you pull on my tit clamps really hard."

Me: "Um. Okay. Look - I just think that we're after two different things here. But let's just see how it goes. And... are you okay?"

Him: "uh...huh...yeah... carry on... uh..."

Me: "It's just that you're sounding a bit-"

Him: "Yeah. I've just stuck my butt plug in. Now go on."

Me: "..."

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