Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Telephony Service

For ages, my mobile phone has been worryingly expensive - I've never bothered to upgrade it, or sort it out. So, today, I decide to shop around. I've got two offers

a) Brenda at my existing phone company. Given how faint the line is, I suspect Brenda is not her real name. Her manners are exquisite. Her deal is awful.

b) Waterbed Jason from the Valleys. He works for a mobile company. He offers me half price line rental for life. In return for a bottle of Moet and some sex.

Byeeee, Brenda!


Hugh said...

tut tut... you should have gone back to Brenda with Waterbed Jasons offer (WJ) to see if she could better your deal, THEN you could have gone back to WJ to see if he could up his offer even more... the least he could have offered you was 500 texts as well

Skip said...

Clearly, Hugh, you have done this before...