Sunday, April 29, 2007

Baby talk

I went round to Gemma and Serge's for a Wii Party (I'm rubbish - the only thing I'm good at is bowling, which makes me a Wii Lesbian). It was a lovely evening, in a North London way (ie includes homemade guacamole).

The only disturbing thing was their baby. Petra is rather advanced for a one year old. I walk into the room and she offers me a wooden block. Later, when we're all laughing at a joke, she joins in. She appears to be a natural party hostess. It's weird realising that she's gone from vacant baby stare to socially adept cunning.

Already she's outmanipulated the cats, who spend most of their time hiding on the garden wall.

It's made me realise. I really don't want a baby. But I really do want a cat.

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