Sunday, April 08, 2007

Hotel Babyloin

Can we just spare a thought for Hotel Babylon? There's only one episode left, and there might not be any more. How will I cope?

Seriously. I tried telling a friend I didn't know what I'd do without my regular fix of beautiful strangers having sex in hotel rooms. They told me to start watching porn.

But Hotel Babylon is better than porn (although somehow not as well-written or acted). This year we had the beautiful-but-evil bellboy (Oh I would. If only to be cruelly dumped by him afterwards with that pantomime sneer).

There was also the Convergence of the Inane as Max Beesley and Tamzin Thingy lurched towards each other one significant glance at a time. Will it finally happen in the last ever episode?

Probably not. It's out on the list of unresolved plotlines along with
  • a guest who doesn't want sex
  • bringing back the heart-stoppingly cute Latvuanian bottle washer (last seen wearing only a tie)
  • letting the gay character have sex


Lippy said...

I keep hoping that Ben is in fact the Cinderella character and when he pulls it will be a lonely but lovely multi millionaire and they will live happily ever after. While Anna spontaneously combusts with jealousy!

Skip said...

Oh! Now that's clever and cunning and exactly what Hotel Babyloin is all about. It'll never happen.