Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I've accidentally won an award. I'm so excited, thrilled, and baffled.

Obvious congratulations to a lovely man called Scott Burklin. I've never met him, but he appears to have had an enormously successful Los Angeles run, and scooped the LA Weekly Theatre Awards, winning 4 out of the 6. And there was I assuming it was another High School production. Silly, silly me.


James said...


Hugh said...

well done

now, whats happening with the chimmney

Anonymous said...

stumbled accross your blog through a link to another, it is great, please blog more....though from seeing your full name in your last blog, i must say, google image is not your friend. Tony x

Brian Sibley said...

So, did it come in that basket thing? And, if not, what IS it? Some sort of hamper for midnight picnics on the Heath? Or does it contain your Miss Marple kniting kit for when you want to snuggle down unnoticed in the corner of some disreputable gay establishment and watch out for potential murders? And what, pray, is that Pink Thing on top?? How do you use it and does it give full and (more importantly) SUSTAINED satisfaction?

And... oh, yes... Very Many Congratulations! :-)

Lippy said...

Congratulations! - and a reciprocal "wow" !

Anonymous said...

Wow! And very many congratulations.


Skip said...


Um, thanks everyone. I have to point out the award is still in Los Angeles - I think the photo was taken at the Awards Ceremony (please can I find that peculiar?).
I have no idea what the bizarre collation of pink thing and whicker is.

And yes Google Images isn't my friend. I'm only represented by this sweet thing from when the Hoxton Fin was in: http://tv.cream.org/specialreport/moversshakers/images/19.gif

Which is, i think, a relief for everyone.

Anyway. Back to waiting for the builders to turn up. My living room awaits.